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Deutz F1M414/46 

Baujahr Fahrzeug:
Baujahr Modellreihe:
Bohrung x Hub
spez. P
sonst. Daten
5.25-16 // 8.00-20
Deutz Getriebe: 4 Vorwärts, 1 Rückwärts / 4x2
Länge x Breite x Höhe
2280 mm x 1535 mm x 1410 mm
Radstand - Spur v/h:
1430 mm - 1250 bis 1500 / 1250 bis 1500 mm
250 mm
Einige Berechnungen:
Grundfläche: ca. 3.50 m² - Stirnfläche: ca. 1.79 m² - LxBxH: ca. 4.93 m³
Gewichte leer/zGG:
1180 kg / 1800 kg
Leistungsgewicht leer/zGG:
107.3 / 163.6 kg/PS // 9.3 / 6.1 PS/Tonne
6.6 m
Wendekreis mit Lenkbremse:
5 m
ca. 9.000 (alle F1M414/46)

This is the country where the manufacturer of this car has/had its head office. Sometimes the car itself was developed and produced somewhere else.
This engine-list shows all available engines for the cars here on the pictures and mentioned in the heading of the table during its production time.
If a specific engine is missing, it is probably because this engine came along with easy to spot changes on the outside of the car. Cars with such engines get their own entry on this website.
This is the production period of the car on the pictures, and not the period for the car model series.
Note: For cars made in/for the USA these years are "model years", for all others "calender years".
Stock tires for the base model. Sometimes with a different engine came a different tire/wheel combination.
Base-price/base-price-range for the car the time it was built, not the price for the car today.
If you need help or want some explanations you can click on certain text elements in this table to get additional information.
You can also visit the "about this" section or read the FAQs.
A single figure with no further declaration in brackets means the production figure of the car described in this table and not the whole model series.
This table describes a heavily modified car with every known information.
This column shows the years the particular engine was available.
This shows the total number of cylinder and valves the particular engine got. For more information read the "about this" section.
Here you can see the way the fuel (diesel, gasoline) is delivered. You can also see whether the car is powered by an electric engine. (Read also the "about this".)
The fuel-consumption is always only an estimation. The consumption depends on the driver, the way the car is driven, where it's driven, how fast etc. Therefore an exact figure can not be given. The fuel consumption figures here give a range where the mileage can be expected.

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